2018 Home Trends

I love looking for home trends.  I have always been intrigued by watching things fall in and out of fashion and seeing how old familiar ideas are reinvented to fit into the contemporary landscape.  Seeing how different visual elements play out in the Art, Design, and Industrial World has always been something that fascinates me.  I think trends inform culture and culture informs trends. Here are a couple of Surface Design Trends that I think will start to make their way into the mainstream soon! 


2018_home_trends .jpg

Think of the cooler, more sophisticated version of hologram in the 80's....

This trend is all the rage in our unicorn/mermaid obsessed culture.  From home goods to furniture, this bold iridescence will add a pop of laid-back fun to any environment.  I love it here paired with elegant brass to make a playful commentary on a modern light fixture. 



This 50's favorite is making a fresh appearance again in home flooring, wall covering, and home goods.  Terrazzo is made with chips of granite, marble, and quartz set in an epoxy resin.  I think it is adorable and can't wait to see its application in the mainstream market!  Bring on the pinks and blacks! 

Desert Vibes


I am so excited about the desert chic trend happening in home and fashion.  The dusty western color palette of the trend pairs beautifully with 70's throw back macrame wall decor.  This southwestern feel works seamlessly with the simple elegance of neo-modernism in furniture design.  From cacti to dusty rose inspired soft home goods, this trend is here to stay. 

Mixed Metals 

mixed metals .jpg

I'm usually a "more is more" kinda gal, so I was excited to see this trend popping up in my Pinterest feed.  I love that I don't have to pick just one metal!  Brass and copper are gorgeous together.  I can't wait to see how this translates into living rooms and more.  

Faceted Geo


I am loving the push towards the fun and handmade look in design.  Big companies are ordering from indie makers.  Ceramics are making a huge comeback and the polished glass and brass geo's of last year are moving into more asymmetrical shapes.  Look for irregular shapes, bumps, lumps, and "not so perfect" forms to give your space an artisan feel. 


Have you noticed any trends?  Comment below to start a convo! 


How to Make a Mood Board


What is a mood board?  A mood board is a little collage (digital or paper) that is a helpful visual reference for you to create a look for your brand or product.  You board will help you (or your designer) get a sense of your brand's story.  It is quite simple and very helpful in creating inspiration for your brand or next product collection.  It can also be a useful tool if you are collaborating on a project to be sure everyone is on the same page. 

Step One: Gather Images

The first thing you need to do is to gather images from your favorite inspiration pool. I love Pinterest and Instagram and I am always in the habit of collecting screen captures on my phone for inspiration.  I also love magazines and love using paper and glue in my sketchbook.  Use what you feel the most comfortable with.  When you are searching, be on the lookout for color combinations that appeal to you, fonts, patterns, and photography styles that appeal to your aesthetic sensibility. 

Step Two: Edit Images

Edit your pool of images down to about 8-10 images that produce a "feeling" or tell a story when you see them together. You will want them to feel natural together and complement one another.  Take your time editing down to your strongest 8 images.  The more time you spend pairing images and getting it just right, the easier your next design step will be.  Sometimes once you have started your board, you will need to go search for just the right image! 

Step Three:  Put them together 

If you are using screen shots, you can easily put them together in a digital collage using an app like Layout or Pic Frame.  If you are working on your desktop, you can find some free layouts on Pinterest.  If you are using paper, glue those babies in your journal and lets get to work! 

Step Four: Use It

Use your mood board to be sure you are moving in the right direction. Is it the story you want to tell?  Are the fonts communicating what you intended?  This is your springboard to give your brand a feeling and direction.  It will help guide you onto your next step of creating your own graphics.  Sometimes it is helpful to make 2 or 3 before you settle on the one that you feel best describes your products or services.  Think of your mood board as visual brainstorming.  Totally lost?  Checkout some of these moods to get your ideas moving;  

Vintage, Modern, Sleek. Lux, Whimsical, Trendy, Girly, Bold, Confident, Futuristic, Minimal, Clean, Tropical, Masculine, Rustic, Geeky, Industrial, Deco, Retro, Trustworthy, Professional

Have fun!